Sunday, November 27, 2016

Robert Oscar Lopez — Let California Go

The American Thinker is very conservative. The author of this post identifies California with everything that is wrong with American politics and culture from the conservative point of view and recommends that California become what it already is, it's own country with greater territory, population, resources and wealth that most other countries.

I realized a long time ago that California is a bell weather for both the rest of the US and the world. It is a creative place and what begins there spreads throughout the world over time. Look to California for what the world will look like over time. This makes conservatives blanch. But separating California from the rest of the United States won't slow down the process much at all. It's what's happening.

The American Thinker
Let California Go
Robert Oscar Lopez


Bob said...

Canada could use another province ;)

Bob said...

Oregon and Washington are heavily Democratic too. All three should secede.