Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Party of Duke: Rise of the Alt-Right (Documentary)

Published on 21 Oct 2016
The following documentary chronicles the rise of the "Alt-Right" and how the Republican Party has been hijacked by white supremacists and fascists over the last half-century


Bob said...

Is it fair to associate white nationalists with supremacists and nazis?
There are range of views on this topic, from uncomfortable to genocidal.

MRW said...

how the Republican Party has been hijacked by white supremacists and fascists over the last half-century

Those days are over. These two writers nail it, they nail what just happened in the US. 'Progresslaves' and Right-Wingers can gnash their teeth all they want about Trump, but the days of their universe of concerns is over.

"Trump adviser tells House Republicans: You're no longer Reagan's party"
BY JONATHAN SWAN - 11/23/16 07:29 PM EST

"Trump’s GOP: The end of ‘checklist conservatism’
By F.H. Buckley November 21, 2016

Everyone: don't miss these!

MRW said...

Sorry! I placed the link to Buckley's op-ed in The NY Post beneath the tagline.

MRW said...


Here is the entired comment in parts by a British commenter on Colonel Lang's site responding to a poster making the same claims you seem to be making. PT. 1

"English Outsider said... In reply to Origin.

I hope you don't mind if I come back at you again. This comment of yours goes to the heart of the matter:-

"For an English person whose ear is not trained, words that seem innocuous are toxic and scary to a huge swath of the population."

English and European ears have been trained pretty well over the past few decades. Not as well trained as American ears, no doubt, because it takes a little time for American usage to become adopted here, but we're not doing badly. We do know the code. It's got a name. It's called the progressive code.

It's the one that invariably calls anything outside a very narrow band of approved discourse "racist". It's the code that shoves large numbers of normal people, irrespective of their abilities or their personal circumstances, into a tight little box labelled "victim", and encourages them live their entire lives inside that little box, simply because they have a skin that is a different colour.

It's true that there are bits of the code that the less advanced of us are still exploring. "Micro-aggression", for example, might seem at first sight daunting, but once you grasp the essential fact that that's also anything outside a very narrow band of approved discourse you've got to the root of it. In fact we all have to be pretty good at the code in its entirety, like it or not, if we want to hold a job down, or if we want to function at all in most situations. It's another little box, really, that we put ourselves into and lock ourselves up in; and for many in your country and mine, from national politicians to local functionaries, there can be trouble, real trouble, if they step outside it.

We also, many of us, know the emptiness of that code. I have commented elsewhere that the progressive who is deeply worried when the . . . .

MRW said...

PT 2.

"wrong codeword is used to identify an immigrant doesn't turn a hair if we bomb that immigrant's country into ruin. I remember vividly the consternation of friends in Germany when, discussing Brexit, I mentioned that I didn't feel all that attached to a European Union that was supporting Neo-Nazis. You can in fact get put in prison in Germany or Austria for advocating atrocities that we subsidise people to commit in real life in the Ukraine. Some code.

Some progressivism, too. I've watched as the so called "left" in England has become no more than an apologist for half-witted and poorly executed neo-liberal economic prescriptions. We've watched with amazement as tens upon tens of millions of "left progressives" in the States have fallen in behind a Democratic candidate who's an avowed standard bearer of the neo-cons and,if not one of the cronies herself, no stranger to them. There's little constructive idealism remaining in the American mainstream left. Not when it throws up all those contradictions. It's disappeared into it's own little echo chamber of futile mantras and futile carping. For proof we need only look at half the posts above. At a time when a great nation is uneasily moving to an unknown future grown men and women are squabbling about what occurred at some unimportant theatrical event, or obsessively giving some random tweet an analysis it can't merit and doesn't support. Progressives aren't doing too well at the bread at present, not for millions of their fellow Americans, but they're all in for the circuses.

And as the "left" disappears into its echo chamber it leaves behind it a great vacuum. Never forget that the old Left, for all its millennarian silliness and its hankering after command economy prescriptions, was the source of most social and economic advances in the past. If there's now a big hole where that old Left used to be, what's going to fill it?

We're about to find out, I hope. For I can't believe that that larger than life American democracy, with that . . . "

MRW said...

PT. 3

"weird ability it has to throw up innovation and change, will now settle into decline. Something's going to evolve to fill that hole. It won't be anything coming from the American progressive left, locked as it is into its fantasy world of irreconcilable contradiction, that's for sure. I suspect that the best the progressives could do for their country at this point is simply to get out of the way, and not seek to import into a new world the shopworn and futile mantras of the old.

So yes, I do know the code. It's been getting in the way for decades and it's time it was got out of the way.. I hear the scaremongering too, "dark nationalism" and all. The "White Nationalists" and the ultra-nationalists and the Neo-Nazis aren't out in force at present, in your country or mine, for all the ominous warnings in these posts. The truth is that they will only gain in numbers and become a force if they are let. If there's nothing else there. If an alternative politics doesn't evolve. Get out of the way and let it evolve; and do please get out of the habit of calling out "Racist" whenever anyone outside the echo chamber attempts to contribute to that evolution.

English Outsider

Reply 23 November 2016 at 04:20 PM"

**I couldn't link to the comment. It forbade it. So I printed the entire thing here.

GLH said...

I have heard a lot about the alt-right and even saw a gay Jew being interviewed on CNBC which was a real warning signal because why would a gay Jew be part of an organization that is supposed to be intolerant of gays and Jews? I think that I will go with this story. I don't trust anything I see on the mainstream media.

GLH said...

Here is a good article on Trump's victory:

Kaivey said...

Another good article. It just about sums it up. Boy was I pleased they Hilary didn't get in.

Kaivey said...

I think Paul Joseph Watson might be on the Alt right even if the Alt right doesn't actually exist. Interestingly, he defends many liberal values like gay and women's rights - as apposed militant Islam's backward medieval theology.

Ryan Harris said...

I don't really care about all the thick identity and party politics.

I'd just like to see the working age 25-54 population employment ratio improve. It's fallen pretty much continuously since 2008 until the last quarter or two.
I'd like to see real productivity improve.
I'd like to see GDP growth stay a couple points faster than population growth rather than below it.
And I want incomes for the bottom 50% to rise faster than inflation and faster than the top 50% for a decade.

Those haven't been priorities for mainstream two-party politicians, I want them to be more important than any other issues, I want government to look at every policy, every minute they spend in office as they relate to those issues, I want their success or failure to be viewed in the context of making progress on those issues.

They can call me racist, bigot, fascist, alt-right, faggot, fairie, communist, kkk, ignorant, hill billy, white-supremacist, hurl their best insults at me, I just want progress on the economy.

Six said...

The whole point of the "alt-right" movement is white male victim-hood. They are the same as the thing they hate.