Friday, April 7, 2017

Ron Unz — Collapse Of Trumpism—On War AND Immigration?

Still, I don’t think any of us thought the cucking would come so swiftly. Not even a hundred days in office — not even eighty — and our man, our best hope, has gone D.C. native.
That's what the bubble is designed to do and why what candidates say on the campaign trail is meaningless babbling.

Does that mean that "democracy" is a waste of time? Of course, under the present configuration where Washington is a bubble.

Donald Trump knew that, promised to change it by not getting trapped in the bubble, and he got flipped in the three months anyway. "Draining the swamp" was a promise to change the system. Instead, the swamp drained him in record time.

But it would likely happen to anyone eventually, given the way the system is configured.

The Unz Review
Collapse Of Trumpism—On War AND Immigration?
Ron Unz


jrbarch said...

And mass hypnotism. Everyone cheered when Obama was elected, even more; DJT's election short-circuiting short-term memory. Still, hope is a human shield. I still don't get what's so special about America?

In Australia if our political crazies get too egotistic, we beat the living daylights out of them. People power!

Tom Hickey said...

Obama rolled the left, and Trump has rolled the right.

jrbarch said...

Our 'Deep State' is about as deep as the furrow on Malcolm's eyebrow (the one that twitches). A tiny little trading nation (houses and holes) far away from the world in the wide blue Pacific, most of us hoping it stays that way. The media have to beat up cyclones to try and create a media event - the rest is the echo chamber that most people ignore; local politics is stifling. We are also an island surrounded by sharks which is why we can swim so well. Slowly we are being sucked down the rabbit hole of the political version of internationalism, rather than the human.

GLH said...

I guess "make America great again" is not buried along side "change we can believe in."

jrbarch said...

Widowed almost as soon as the marriage celebration is over, then burnt at the stake.

Neil Wilson said...

There's a management quote somewhere that goes something like "When the reputation of an organisation for inaction and the reputation of a new CEO for change collide it is invariably the reputation of the organisation that survives".

Which is why the only cure for a stubborn sclerotic operation is total dismemberment and replacement with a new one built from scratch.

Bob said...

Derbyshire, sounds like the surname of an expat. Deport him.