Monday, April 3, 2017

Tom Boggioni — Trump hands everything to Jared Kushner because he’s already ‘lost faith’ in his other hires: GOP insider

“Something that someone pointed out, no matter how smart you are and how much experience you have, one person should not be doing all of these things,” Gangel continued. “A Republican source who is really watching the White House closely said that he did not think this was about Jared grabbing power. He said he thought it was about Donald Trump has lost confidence in a lot of people around him.”
“And what does President Trump do when he loses confidence? He pivots to the people he knows the best, so the pivot to Jared,” she concluded.
I'm not sure that this is completely correct. Trump has never trusted anyone outside his inner circle, so this is characteristic behavior for him. Obviously, Trump's inner circle can't occupy all the offices that need to be filled and Trump is filling them for various reasons, many of them political.

When it comes down to where the rubber hits the road, Trump will either manage things himself or use his circle of trust, the inner core of which is Ivanka and Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. But I don't think that Trump will use Steve Bannon as an intermediary or courier. That will fall to Ivanka and Jared. Bannon will play the role of adviser and strategist and as such have the inner track.

As an outsider, Trump really has no choice since he has not built a circle of trust within government and the people he has brought in are not in his inner circle either. Loyalty is key, and loyalty is tested in the fire of experience. It's too early in the administration for others to have been tested.

So I don't think it is as much a loss of confidence, as it is of confidence not yet having been gained from loyalty under fire. This is a dicey path that Trump has chosen and the slightest mistake can be quickly become magnified — especially with an intel community that has shown itself to be less than loyal, an opposition party calling for impeachment already, several factions of his own party not on board with him, and a hostile press bent on delegitimizing him and declaring his presidency failed already.

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Trump hands everything to Jared Kushner because he’s already ‘lost faith’ in his other hires: GOP insider
Tom Boggioni


Dan Lynch said...

I still think Ivanka should be put in charge of health care. :-)

lastgreek said...

Maybe Jared needs the money?

Did you ever think of that, Tom? Eh, Tom? ;)

At Kushners’ Flagship Building, Mounting Debt and a Foundered Deal

(h/t - Jeffrey St.Clair twitter)

lastgreek said...

Good point:

Jeffrey St. Clair‏ @JSCCounterPunch 3 hours ago

Re: Jared Like a Mafia Don, Trump doesn't trust anyone but family. That's how he ran his business deals, even as they fail. Especially then.

Tom Hickey said...

I don't fault Trump for this. I would advise everyone to have a circle of trust — the people that one can rely on when the chips are down — and also a mastermind group — a diverse group not only for knowledge acquisition and processing, but also to keep one from fooling oneself. It's also important to have mentors.

Tom Hickey said...

Then other matter to consider here is that Trump said previously that no communications were secure other than courier. So presumably , one of Jared's role is courier for private message exchange. Nothing in writing and no classification but more secure than top secret.

Bob said...

Trump should trust Bernie Sanders... by supporting his single payer plan ;)

Six said...

Let's not forget he outsourced the staffing of his administration to the Heritage Society. I presume they'll be in charge of crafting legislation, too.

John said...

Tom: "I would advise everyone to have a circle of trust — the people that one can rely on when the chips are down.."

True, but it's a damn small circle of trust that comprises his daughter and his son-in-law. Trump's always been in the Howard Hughes league of paranoia and now he's circling the wagons. It took the Watergate shenanigans before Nixon, another paranoid individual, to resort to this kind of political neurosis.

The psychology would keep Freudians in business for life. Trump's relationship with his daughter is abnormal, to say the least. Whether he trusts Krushner because he sees a young Trump in this fraudster, or because he fantasises about being Krushner in Ivanka's bed, we'll have to wait for the inevitable breakdown in which Trump blurts out all his paranoia and insanity in a Howard Beale-style "I'm as mad as hell, and I want to fuck my daughter" diatribe.

Tom Hickey said...

Trump does have a wider circle of trust. However, according to reports, he trusts Jared Kushner the most. It's therefore a logical (rational) choice for him to "appoint" Jared as his "ambassador-at-large" with a global portfolio.

The establishment is making a lot of fuss over Trump's style of governing. In my view that is a good thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people people are buying to the establishment's sowing of false outrage.

This is not illegal. It is just unusual.

Bob said...

They could swap roles. Kushner as Prez, Trump as doting husband.