Sunday, August 18, 2019

Links — 18 Aug 2019

Bill Totten's Weblog
How do Mainland Chinese Feel … about the Protests in Hong Kong on the Extradition Law Amendment?
Janus Dongye Qimeng at Quora

Brazil Wire
Lula: “US hand” on everything that’s happened in Brazil

Zero Hedge
British Colonialism Laid The Ground For The Crises In Hong Kong & Kashmir
John Wight

Strategic Culture Foundation
The Anglo-American Origins of Color Revolutions & NED
Matthew Ehret

China's fight against U.S. bullying bears global significance

Gold, Goats 'n Guns
The Saudis Learn the Term “Asymmetric Response”
Tom Luongo

Epstein May Be Just One Part of an Intricate Network of Sex and Power
Mark Steiner interviews Whitney Webb

China Daily
Air hub seen as key target to harm HK

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