Thursday, August 29, 2019

Links — 29 Aug 2019

Valdai Analytics
Prelude to a Conflict: The Psychology of Modern Warfare

Sputnik International
Leaked UN Climate Report Forecasts Rising Oceans, Superstorms, Mass Displacement

The Grayzone
Western regime change operatives launch campaign to blame Bolivia’s Evo Morales for the Amazon fires
Wyatt Reed

Zero Hedge
"People Will Be Shocked" - Bannon On Huawei & The Communist China Threat
Tyler Durden

Huawei under probe by U.S. prosecutors for new allegations: WSJ

Huawei's New Smartphone Barred From Using Google Software - Report

Trade war dims outlook for U.S. business operations in China: survey

Minister: 80 million tonnes of cargo to be transported along Northern Sea Route by 2024

Russia testing fundamentally new electronic warfare system

Trump Claims US is 'Always Going to Keep a Presence in Afghanistan'

China's defense ministry says Hong Kong protests must respect law

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