Friday, November 22, 2019

Corruption in Ukraine?

Fort Russ
How the Biden Clan Plundered Ukraine (PHOTO, VIDEO EVIDENCE)
Andrii Derkach

John Solomon Reports
Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts
John Solomon
It is now important for every American to realize that he or she can get little to no reliable news from the US mainstream media on Ukraine, Russia, or even the United States itself. The inevitable confusion and apathy is particularly dangerous in a country with the enormous responsibility of being the leader of the democratic community of states the U.S. purports itself to be. It will allow political leaders with strong media support to manipulate reality and lead the country down a dark alley from which there is no return.
Russian and Eurasian Politics
Fables of Ignatius
Gordon M. Hahn

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