Friday, November 29, 2019

Rob Evans - Thinktanks: Wealthy US donors gave millions to rightwing UK groups

Revelations raise questions about influence of foreign funding on British politics 

The money has been given to researching alternatives to the NHS for an ageing population and to fund work on inspiring young people to become supporters of free markets, according to the foundation. 

Eleven wealthy American donors who have given a total of more than $3.7m (£2.86m) to rightwing UK groups in the past five years have been identified, raising questions about the influence of foreign funding on British politics.
The donations have been given to four British thinktanks that have been vocal in the debate about Brexit and the shape of the UK’s future trade with the EU, and an organisation that claims to be an independent grassroots campaign representing ordinary British taxpayers.

The Guardian 


Ryan Harris said...

Priceless when UK complains about interfering in foreign elections. The whole entire world giggles and guffaws with mild delight.

S400 said...

In this case it’s not the right wingers in UK that is complaining since they get money from right wingers from the US.