Monday, September 27, 2021

The Road to the Stolen 2024 Election — Josh Marshall

I view this as a manifestation of the dominate historical dialectic of this century, traditionalism versus liberalism and decolonization, affected by climate change. The foundation of the social and political conflict in the US is not so much economic as it is driven by the paradox of integrating liberalism with traditionalism. Liberalism was dominant for an extended period and now the pendulum is swinging the other way, exacerbated by the demographics — America is now transitioning to a predominantly non-white nation. As result, the foundation of representative democracy characteristic of the Roman model is crumbling. This has been taking place against a background of neoliberalism, neo-imperialism, and neocolonialism, which complicates the situation in a world that is decolonizing and becoming increasingly multi-polar, challenging US unilateralism.

The Road to the Stolen 2024 Election
Josh Marshall

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Peter Pan said...

Joe is exceeding expectations.
Kamala Harris will be the next POTUS. She'll lock up all the DVEs and forget where she put the key.