Monday, September 27, 2021

Trump went all-out to win farmer support. Now they're all in on Biden's infrastructure plan By Katie Lobosco

 Former President Donald Trump sent billions in federal aid in a bid to win over America's farmers -- but now they're all for President Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, in hopes it will mean fixing roads and bridges critical to the delivery of food to the rest of the nation



lastgreek said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of stupid people to forever keep voting against their interests, If it were not for them, the Republican Party would be a fringe party whose sole purpose would be to entertain.

Not one Republican, in either Chamber, will vote for a robust infrastructure plan, What's even more crazy is that they intend to run on this in the coming Congressional elections.

As I said, never underestimate the stupidity of stupid people.

mike norman said...

And the stupidity will be doubled, as Dems will not be able to pass this.

Peter Pan said...

Surely they'll pass the part that promotes pipeline infrastructure.
Because... green washing.