Thursday, January 12, 2023

Eggs up 64%

  Oh no! …. “Inflation!”…. Fed better go up the 0.5% now!


Marian Ruccius said...

Ok, there are somewhat higher energy costs, but most of the production is in one or two US states! So this is profiteering, albeit partly in the face of higher international demand. Canadian-style demand management is the way to go, IMO (but then the USFDA would have to reduce its subsidies...).

However, as Canada typically targets the mid-range equivalent of the US price structure as a benchmark for prices and egg quota (to avoid international trade challenges), Canadian prices may be forced up in response.

Marian Ruccius said...

Other than in Michigan, it does not look like winter is likely to have much effect on production costs in the US -- hell slightly cooler weather could reduce costs in most producing states!: