Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Russia’s “Sanction-Proof” Trade Corridor to India Frustrates the Neocons — Conor Gallagher

This is a huge deal not because of avoiding sanctions but because of its impact on world trade, the global economy, the Global South and East, and the shifting world order in the direction of multipolarism. It is also a signal that India is taking its place on the world stage as a principal player. This is a huge deal for the world system and it represents a concrete reconfiguration of this system taking place at present. 

The Global North and West will likely work at disrupting this transformation since it threatens Western dominance. Any disruption will be temporary, since the direction of development is toward that East now that the West is already developed. Subjugation of the East to the West is no longer possible in the longer run. Globalization will happen, just not linearly and not always in line with the Western agenda, especially as the level of development equalizes.

Naked Capitalism
Russia’s “Sanction-Proof” Trade Corridor to India Frustrates the Neocons
Conor Gallagher

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This may all be moot if Martin Armstong's algorithm is correct.
I can object all I want, but our computer will be right and we are looking at World War III between 2025 and 2027. So batten down the hatches.

Our computer, which tracks the global capital flows thanks to the cooperation with raw data, we can see that the money is still migrating out of Europe. Russians and the Chinese are pulling money out of Europe as well. So far, it is still underpinning the US marketplace.
Armstrong Economics
Europe will be Destroyed over Ukraine
Martin Armstrong

NATO’s top military spokesman called Saturday for members of the US-led military alliance to transition to a “wartime economy” in order to “increase the production in the defense industry.”

In the interview, aired Friday on Portugal’s public broadcaster RTP News, Rob Bauer, Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, said the US-led NATO alliance is prepared for a “direct clash with Russia.”

Revealing mindset. The military mind is a thing of its own. In addition, Western leaders seem to have watched Patton (the movie) too many times. 

Neither the remarks of Bauer and Nuland nor the Rand report cited above have been reported on the front pages of any major US newspapers, or cited on the evening news. While US and NATO officials are openly talking about a direct conflict with Russia and China, the public is not being notified about the extraordinarily dangerous and reckless escalation of the war that is taking place.
Top NATO spokesman calls for “wartime economy”
Andre Damon


Peter Pan said...

Canada is part of the US-led military alliance, but we aren't about to move to a wartime economy.

Footsoldier said...

This is THE best episode of The Duran you will ever see.

A tour de force of military tactics, history and politics. Extraordinary insight and honesty. Utterly compelling and highly educational. Nearly 3 hours long but so good it went by like a flash.

Absolutely Brilliant !


mike norman said...

"So far, it is still underpinning the US marketplace." -Martin Armstrong.

What the hell does that mean?

mike norman said...

Brilliant Duran? I guess if you consider Ritter and Mercouris brilliant. They've been wrong about Russia/Ukraine the entire time. The only guy missing is Douglas McGregor. Another one who got it completely wrong.

Matt Franko said...

Brandon has chastised the oil companies for making so much munnie “while we are at war!”…