Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Banking Lobbies ask Sovereign Governments Approval for an Unregulated Industry That Would Hoard Real Currency Supplies

Yes, you heard that right. Why, sometimes Control Frauds think two mutually exclusive things before lunch! Such as unleashing outright fraud and preserving ill-gotten wealth & self-defeating behavior.

"Actual currency users are freaked out about this because it could essentially be a license to constrain and manipulate all markets." Plagiast Comedus

This ongoing battle, between a banking lobby and the lobbies it supposedly serves, has gone on without pause since even before the original 13 American colonies were all incorporated.

And ps:  "You're over funding the FBI too."

'And those other pesky "regulatory" departments, the OTS, FDIC, etc, etc.  We just can't afford them!'

ps: ps:  "Here's a little something, wink, wink.  Just between us, you know?  Let's meet again next campaign season, to discuss that little matter of the House & Senate Finance Committees.  We think they're redundant.  But let's not rush anything.  We are VERY patient people, after all."


beowulf said...

"that little matter of the House & Senate Finance Committees. We think they're redundant."

The obvious rejoinder to is there's already only one (1) Finance Committee, its over on the Senate side. The tax committee the House is called Ways & Means.

Roger Erickson said...