Thursday, June 14, 2012

Only Immaculate Fraud Could Explain This BS

What other Innocent Fraud could attain this degree of ignorance?

Bankers & bureaucrats on both sides of the Atlantic are spiraling around the same flame. Proof that they really can't comprehend anything different?

Jamie Dimon: “If we had done something remotely like Simpson-Bowles, you would have increased confidence in America. You would have shown a real fix of the long-term fiscal problem. I think you would have had . . . a more effective tax system that is conducive to economic growth.”

For Pete’s sake! Just charge Jamie Dimon with treason? Decades ago, we used to have better businesspeople & statesmen. At least in this country.

Meanwhile, there are growing signs that the EU is also doing things backwards, and for the wrong reasons too!

EU President, Jose Manuel Barroso: "We advocate further integration within the Euro area. It is now evident that this is indispensable for the sustainability of our common currency,"

So it's official?  Back to destroying Aggregate Demand, employment, and net capabilities ... in order to sustain a fiat currency?

What part of "fiat" don't these people understand?

We're everywhere constraining the will of the people in order to make the people's arbitrary numbers look "nice" ... ?   What the heck does that even mean?

Let's turn to California for a breath of fresh air.  Out there they're pinning their hopes on much more audacious goals.  Doh!

Are we drowning in fools of our own making?  It makes one reluctant to even read any more news.
  Either stop churning out citizens this mis-educated,
   or just wake me when the stupid is over.
If there really are gods, SHE must be laughing to tears after pulling fig leaves over all possible permutations of our senses & brains.

Honk if you love Immaculate Output Crap.  Otherwise, let's go for a purge, by inducing massive "dia-reason".  We started the Age of Reason 500 years ago, but there appear to be some major blockages, and way too much reason backing up, unused.

Please, please, please America & Europe - dump these scheisselings!   And flush 'em too.


Matt Franko said...

"after pulling fig leaves over all possible permutations of our senses & brains."

He is not doing that to our brains Roger, it appears that just those in authority He is making stupid and blind in this regard.

Leverage has documented a full shutdown of their brain neocortexes (the biological ex post accounting record of what is really going on).

Must be the insubjection and vainglorious reasonings of those in authority that leaves them exposed.

We thankfully for some reason are not being humiliated like these morons...

"not as God do they glorify or thank Him, but vain were they made in their reasonings, and darkened is their unintelligent heart.
22 Alleging themselves to be wise, they are made stupid," Romans 1:21,22

Seems like all we can do is to keep exposing this and telling the truth and see what happens.


dave said...