Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paul Volcker has Policy Exactly "Banckwards"

Paul Volcker says: "We are left with the certainty, however awkward, that active participation in an open world economy requires some surrender of economic sovereignty."

That is exactly, 100% backwards. When does innocent fraud become innocent treason?  Or become innocent assisted suicide?

Reality: Adaptive growth of existing aggregates requires active tuning of inter-aggregate trade.

An adaptive race is NOT open.  It is contested among competing models who may converge, but only after exploring different options and either fusing and/or observing one another.  Our model within the USA is open.  That does not hold either outside the USA or even in our own banking lobby.

If all you've been educated at is banking, every problem looks like a double-entry accounting book. Someone tell Paul that banking does NOT account for evolution, or aggregate wealth creation?

The famous Spanish phrase “you are more stupid than a amoebae” is losing credence because the social amoebas are an incredibly useful model for examining our own social behavior.  Does a billion year old species manage it's "currency" more intelligently that Paul Volcker seems able to grasp?  Of course it does.

I can think of no greater danger to the sovereignty of the USA and the hard-fought freedoms and welfare of it's people, than the narrow policies promulgated by overly isolated lobbies. 

Who would have predicted that the sovereignty of the USA would one day be ceded to the very banking lobby that we fought our Revolution to be free from? 

And the purpose of that lobby? To serve the narrow interests of merchants, not the general welfare of the people. Please recall the timeless words of Tom Jefferson, who noted the following. "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

Paul Volcker or Tom Jefferson?   No competition.  I'm with TJ.   

Paul Volcker, there's a place outside Mayfield, Nebraska where you can deposit your message.  Give me liberty from banksters, or give me death.

Democracy only works with adequate checks & balances between existing lobbies. With all due respect to Volcker, he's remarkably unlearned about anything sans banking.  The moment of adaptation in the world today still lies WITHIN evolving countries as species, not ACROSS a collection of over 200 diverse countries.  And it definitely does not reside within the IMF.  Bankers & merchants do not yet rule the world, let alone wield anything even laughably close to full group intelligence.   If Paul Volcker only knew 1/1000th of what Americans know, he'd certainly never say say anything so preposterously ignorant, or harmful to the very country the purports to stand for.

There is no point of stability in the natural world that is not a dynamic equilibrium between conflicting forces.

What's the only way any ship of fools stays alive? They NEVER haphazardly yield total control of policy to any one fool alone.  Group intelligence, by definition, lies within the body of discourse generated by a collection of fools.

Let's not be in a rush to yield our policy apparatus to the banking fools.


Matt Franko said...

"When does innocent fraud become innocent treason?"

Well here is the USC section wrt Treason to check out:


When can we start to lock them all up? The sooner the better imo .... ;)/2 (only half kidding!)


Letsgetitdone said...

I'm with TJ too. Especially since Volcker did so much to get Reagan elected and start the whole project of raging inequality.