Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remind Me Why White Collar Fraud is Top Down, But any Prosecution is Bottom Up? (and drawn out)

"Ya shouldn'ta done what I told you to do! It's your own fault. [For getting caught.]"
Who owns the prosecution apparatus? Don't tell me that THAT'S compromised too? Is there a concentrated strategy displayed, with distributed tactics?

When you have a problem that big & distributed, you do NOT fight your opponents tactics! You have to have a serious campaign design, to strike at the heart of whatever shores up the opponent.

Anything less will generate nothing but the occasional Pyrrhic victory. I guarantee those will be fed to you at precisely the rate needed to keep you safely distracted, tilting at windmills.

Is anyone serious about tuning, evolving, surviving and winning, or just enjoying fighting ... in the long retreat?

The list below is from an FBI Infragard list of Banking & Finance crime alerts. Notice that there is NO MENTION of: a system, hierarchy, rational solution, opposing strategy, linking-sequencing-staging, or .. of course .. Wall Street and the TBTF banks, or of any concept of "systemically dangerous" institutions. Plus, no mention of TARP.

Without much more public acknowledgement of, and focus on, linking, sequencing & staging of all public efforts, it's not just the FBI that remains safely distracted by Control Frauds. If we do not self-organize and self-educate on a higher level, then a foolish population and it's options continue to be soon separated. 

Without situational awareness, we, our students and our descendants become not citizens, but serfs to mindless hoarders who can do nothing but drive our nation to war and collapse. We have to save them from themselves.  Otherwise, our policy spirals down to a game of musical crime chairs, ending by rounding up and executing the usual suspects.

ps:  Does this remind you of the War on Drugs?  Distributed distractions, concentrated money laundering (by the very same TBTF banks).


Sample of a Recent FBI Infragard Alert on Financial Sector Crime Reports

Four Seattle-area residents were arrested June 3 on a
21-count indictment charging them with conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud,
and mail fraud.

Plantation, Florida Yoga instructor ordered to pay $5.6 million in alleged Ponzi scheme.

Chicago, Illinois, Sentinel Management executives indicted over alleged $500 million fraud.

Panama City News Herald – Ohio, Florida man was charged in Cleveland
with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and making false statements to
influence a bank to make a loan in connection with a $36 million mortgage
fraud scheme.****

Federal court in Georgia orders over $10 million in sanctions
against a defendant in forex Ponzi scheme - The Gresham Company in Peachtree City, Georgia, and a relief defendant and his company,
Interveston Wines, LLC (Interveston), both of Calera, Alabama

A community bank and 19 ex-employees have been criminally charged with issuing hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent mortgages that ended up in unwitting investors' portfolios, prosecutors said Thursday in announcing a rare indictment of a bank in the mortgage meltdown that rocked the U.S. economy.

Fourteen more defendants pleaded guilty May 31 in Nevada in a sweeping investigation into fraud and corruption at Las Vegas Valley homeowners associations.


Matt Franko said...

Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?


Tom Hickey said...

"Anything less will generate nothing but the occasional Pyrrhic victory. I guarantee those will be fed to you at precisely the rate needed to keep you safely distracted, tilting at windmills."

Thus the occasional scapegoat like Martha Stewart.