Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney jobs plan = no jobs plan

Romney "jobs plan." Here's what he said he would do to create jobs.

1. Kill Obamacare
2. Balance the budget
3. More foreign trade pacts
4. Drill, drill, drill

In other words, Romney's jobs plan equals no plan. It's the "Confidence Fairy," combined with expatriating more of our production, combined with poisoning the domestic environment for the benefit of the oil companies.


Anonymous said...

Probably start some war in the middle east.

Dan Kervick said...

I'm making a desperate plea for the Occupy movement to get in the game. I don't mean the presidential politics game; I mean the game of progressive transformation of the national and global economy. They are wandering around in the wilderness right now, chasing desert phantoms and their own shadows. And we don't have 40 years for them to find their way out.

Tom Hickey said...

Dan K., I can tell you from decades of experience dealing with progressives and whatever they were called back then is like herding cats.

Dan Kervick said...

The left has succeeded in historical memory Tom. It can succeed again. But it needs to get over its pattern of diffidence and self-imposed weakness.

The older left of the early 20th century was a worker-based movement that set an ambitious agenda to seize control of government. Years of hard work eventually gave us strong unions, a New Deal and broad middle class prosperity.

The late 20th century left pursued a misguided agenda based on escaping government. As a result of this abdication we got 40 years of neoliberalism and increasing conservative rule.

I wish the Occupy folks would spend more time reading folks like Bill Mitchell and less time reading Graeber and Chomsky.

Anyway, I have hope that we are still just in the initial phases of a movement that is going to get over its confusion and strange self-limitations.

Cody said...

Hey Norman, wonder how that idiot Kyle Bass is doing with his gold position...right?

Tom Hickey said...

Dan K. The "new New Left" rejects both the Old and New Left. I think that the Left got disabused of organization when union bosses hijacked the organization and agenda, and so they are wary now.

Anonymous said...

"I'm making a desperate plea for the Occupy movement to get in the game. ..."

So, wish others do what you can't do? Mmmm ok.

Just because they are not doing what you want them to do doesn't make you more right.

Dan Kervick said...

I posted some of my ideas in the OWS alternative banking thread.

Jonf said...

The left seems to be spread out all over and not focused. I think the problem facing the country is economic. Read that as jobs, jobs, jobs. I keep holding out hope for OWS but honestly, it seems stuck in a rut or perhaps I should say they are wandering around and getting nowhere fast. And the democratic party leadership, is not.

SchittReport said...

mike - very wrong.

there would be at least 100 new jobs on his ranch for arabian warmblood butlers, groomers, riders, trainers and musicians / orchestra players.

at 1/3rd current minimum wage of course.

Anon said...

He's also calling for across the board tax cuts and increasing military spending - at least with him your more likely to get bigger deficits (history shows republican presidents spend more and face less pressure to cut spending).

Tom Hickey said...

There will also almost assuredly be war with Syria-Iran, getting back to dealing with W's "axis of evil." Romney will also back off Obama's confrontation with the military over drawing down in Afghanistan against the wishes of the top brass. Could end up being quite large deficits, but, hey, it's war. That makes it OK. If you disagree, you are a domestic terrorist.