Tuesday, June 12, 2012

User-Managed resources better Managed Than Orthodox Economists "Believed" ?

User-managed resources better managed than orthodox economists "believed."

This brings us back to orthodox economics as a "court-centric" phenomenon, ultimately derived from a social Control Fraud.

An appealing idea has been brewing, that what we call orthodox economics only makes sense if viewed as a court-centric outlook developed for royalty, in order to "manage" their captured stock of indentured, lower classes - a class whose degrees of freedom are presumed to be limited, and also to be actively constrained in order to actively maintain subjects as "manageable".

After all, how could one possibly be surprised that user-managed resources are better managed than orthodox economists "believed"?

1) It's nearly unbelievable that this was news, among members of a social species with a universally tribal history.

(You have to very efficiently filter out all known history to be surprised by voluntary group coordination. Other disciplines use more general terms, such as "auto-catalysis". Only courtesans could have actively made themselves so clueless, so quickly?  What is now called Open Source strategies is simply scaling up ancient tribal methods using new IT tools.)

2) It's very telling that this simple, ancient truth was considered Nobel Prize worthy by orthodox economists.

3) It's extremely depressing that politicians & electorates still listen to orthodox economists - AT ALL!

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