Tuesday, June 12, 2012

With Crisis Rooted in BS, the US has Less Moral Fiber

Must be some miscegenation in the bankster/politician/media heritage. I mean, how else ya gonna explain it?

With increasing demands for real action, the Washington Post was called upon to trot out some appropriate BS, and pass it off as effective propaganda.

With crisis rooted in Europe, U.S. less vulnerable but has less flexibility to act

“This is just one long prize fight — and the U.S. government came out really swinging in 2008, but you lose stamina in Round 14 or 15.” Vince Reinhart
Translation: Propaganda wears down an electorate?  Baffle 'em with really swinging BS?

"The national debt is also much higher, meaning there is less latitude for government spending to boost economic growth."  Zach Goldfarb, Wash. Post
Translation:  No idea what a "nat'l debt" is, or how modern currency actually works, therefore we'll spout total BS and imply that it's inevitable propaganda .. er .. policy.

At least this reporter says that the Fed's "tool kit is not as effective as before."

The major drag on the US economy seems to be the near total ignorance [or intellectual dishonesty, or moral cowardice] of financial reporters, policy staff, and lobbyists - not to mention the electorate. Vince Reinhart knows how things really work, and is therefore playing the most misleading game possible.

With reporters like this, we're mis-informing the public faster than they can be informed!

Nothing more guarantees the failure of the USA than a mis-informed public.
Point is that It was an emergency when both FDR & Obama entered office.

One continued & DID something about the Banksters.
The other did exactly squat (actually, negative squat, since he gave Wall St. free rein by making Geithner Treasury Sec & Holder Att. Gen; adding insult to injury).

ps:  Message to Dan Kervick:  As Leja Says:
There is only one solution to this madness: DON’T CALL IT DEBT!
Seriously, don’t call [Treasury Securities] debt. Call it national savings or something. Or as stock of issued financial assets. Because they are issued, not borrowed.

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