Thursday, July 10, 2014

Calculating The Real Effect Of Organizational Dysfunction On Cultural Evolution?

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson.)

Do economists learn the analogous message, that Return on Coordination kills economist salaries & consulting fees?

The following economics study is a very telling example.

THE FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT: Economic Impact on Targeted Firms

You can see why firms would hire economists to quantify the impact of policy on given business prospects. Fine.

So why doesn't our electorate also hire economists to quantify the net impact of policy options on the general welfare of the people, and the Adaptive Rate, and the National Output, and the Net Outcomes of the USA? Largely because we aren't SETTING any Desired National Outcomes worthy of our capabilities?

And also, because all those things are beyond the scope of what economists are capable of? Because that capability requires a fully participatory democracy? It would require getting and using feedback from all people, in all disciplines?
Why isn't there a White House Council on National Outcomes?
If there is a White House Council on Economics, and also Congressional Finance Committees .... then why isn't there a White House Council on National Outcomes, or Congressional Committees tasked with the same responsibility? Largely because there is no functional electorate capable of practicing Outcomes Based Democracy and Outcomes Based Policy Development?

Step #1 would be electing representatives capable of net, not just narrow, Outcomes Based policy development.

If that's not yet practiced, then Step #2 might be vetting potential policy staff in Outcomes Based Training & Education centers, analogous to various Officer Training programs currently existing in diverse public agencies.

If that seems too implausible, then Step #3 might be fundamentally altering our approach to all aspects of all forms of education, from bottom to top.

If that seems impossible, then Step #4 might be rethinking our entire approach to US Culture, what it's for, where it's going, and how to shape it's destiny.

And if that seems too difficult, then Step #5 might be a good, hard look in the mirror, to see if you really love your kids & grandchildren, and want to know HOW to actually express that love in a constructive manner.


paul meli said...

"Why isn't there a White House Council on National Outcomes?"

Maybe because that would be antithetic to neoliberal religious doctrine and would fly in the face of their plan to impoverish humankind?

We are the target of the economic equivalent of braconid wasps.

The White House is in on the con, regardless of who's in it.

Roger Erickson said...

WASP's aren't the only parasitic braconids, Paul. There are many subspecies of wasp-like parasites.

Picture if you will, a diverse cloud of blind partisans all actively groping and coincidentally parasitizing .... their collective self.

When you come across a cloud of partisans parasitizing themselves ... and offer to help, they'll invariably ask you to help them open another vein? On what they perceive as the host?

The Just Gatekeeper said...

One of the great ironies of Washington today, IMO, is that there are thousands of trade associations and advocacy groups, that push for their own narrow interests...but there arent really any groups that advocate for the American public as a whole! Everyone is burrowed into their own policy niches and rarely take and steps outside them. Its just not profitable I guess.

Roger Erickson said...

How do we help our own cloud of partisans blind to their own, collective context?

The proverbial answer is to 1st get their attention ... with a 2x4. We've already learned that that's just opening bigger veins, on a bigger scale.

How do we rescue ourselves, softly, while still getting our own attention, fast enough to matter?

That's an exercise in recruitment, soft-selling, and "shaping" our own situation.

Luckily, Gen. Patton & others demonstrated part of the answer.

Never TELL people HOW to do anything. Just agree with those of their Desired Outcomes that are distant enough to allow alignment with everyone else's ... and then trick them into collaborating and coordinating, rather than squabbling.

If we just make it harder for partisans to fight WITH one another ... they'll accidentally fall into utilizing the obvious return on coordination?

Roger Erickson said...

Bingo, JG.

Isolation in the midst of social diversity is one of the pitfalls of capitalism as we currently practice it.

Social coordination is also a form of capital, just a largely ignored one. Somehow avowed "t capitalists" only perceive static forms of capital, and are seemingly blind to the infinitely larger amounts of dynamic capital.

Another irony? Sports coaches who preach & practice teamwork on the court ... but primarily so that they can get large paychecks and hoard their static currency asset off the court. Go figure.

Ditto for retired military officers who study mobilization science, then retire & sell out to the MICC.

Tom Hickey said...

The way a representative democracy or republic works is through interest groups competing. The neoliberal political theory is similar to the classical economic theory of an invisible hand producing the optimal outcomes possible through the efficiencies of competition.

It's a nonsensical assumption from the systems point of view, which holds that optimal outcomes are the result of coordination based on common purpose rather than competition of antithetical interests, the outcome of which is decided by power rather than application of intelligence. Application of intelligence is the human way and reliance on power is the way of the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Roger Erickson said...

Thanks Sandy

Malthus of today.

Unfortunately, these kind of movies are comparatively lame and gloomy, compared to the body of amassed knowledge in existing disciplines and professions.

Ever read of 1834 panic articles, warning that the world was running out of whale oil, and will go dark? The future, from 3 billion years ago to today, was always unpredictable, and gloomy looking.

Anyone know of any examples of evolution-themed or OBT&E-themed movies or animations which richly illustrate the summary message of net autocatalysis, aka aggregate evolution, aka Outcomes Based Training & Evolution?