Friday, March 11, 2016

Dems Pre-Positioning for a Change on Trade Policy

Trump's policy proposals against free trade and taking aim at the perennial U.S. CAD USD zombie food are a WINNER and the lefty Dems know it.  We can see a bunch of the hypocrite partisan Dems getting in front of this.

Look for some new hawkish trade statements from Hillary soon; translated in advance:  "I was for free trade before Trump was against it..."


Ryan Harris said...

The old laughable simple economic models don't work politically anymore. Remember when orthodoxy would get on screen and eco-splain to folks how they were richer! It was obvious simple accounting, a kindergartner could understand, you have apples and I have oranges, now we have lots of fruit salad. Easy peasy. Except the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, good jobs became minimum wage jobs, thick ideology, pollution, financial instability and the little things not included in the model turned out to be collectively kinda important. More important than the tiny negligible benefits of the trade itself.

Ignacio said...

Who cares, markets are fine, and CB'ers are on the roll! Carpe diem, and fuck the little guy.

When the Marian Antoinette moment happens we will be dead anyway.

Bob said...

Protectionist President will end term in a coffin.