Friday, March 11, 2016

Revealing Picture

As they say a picture is worth one thousand words.  I wonder which one is the true Protestant?


Bob said...

Without context, how would we know?

Unknown said...

Trump worships only himself.

John said...

They're praying that Trump won't destroy the GOP, which he may well do whether or not he wins the party nomination.

If Rubio dropped out and supported Cruz, there's a good chance the Trump juggernaut can be stopped.

If he can smash the GOP and banish the neocons (albeit only back to their spiritual home in the Democratic Party), that's to be welcomed. Hopefully, the Democrats can have their own internal war, but it probably won't happen. The Left are a feeble bunch and are known to collapse as soon as they hear the words guns, gays and God, contrary to the mythology that this is solely a "conservative" mantra.