Friday, March 11, 2016

Gaius Publius — The Goal of the Neo-Liberal Consensus Is to Manage the Decline

Boiling frogs.

Growth in terms of per capita real GDP versus standard of living and distributed prosperity.

I guess TPTB haven't noticed yet that this is what the US presidential election is about and workers are angry.
YS: And let us also not forget that the “things are going to get worse for you” story also conveniently diverts attention from the degree of rent extraction and looting that is taking place. US corporate profit share of GDP has been at record levels, depending on how you compute if, of 10% of 12% of GDP, when no less than Warren Buffett deemed a profit share of over 6% of GDP as unsustainably high as of the early 2000s. That higher profit share is the direct result of workers getting a far lower share of GDP growth than in any post-war expansion. So the increased hardships that ordinary people face is not inevitable, but is to a significant degree due to the ruling classes taking vastly more than their historical share out of greed and short-sightedness.
Gaius Publius is always good, but this is a must-read in election season. You are being set up.


Matt Franko said...

Must watch wrt "Boiling Frogs":

Bob said...

Too many frogs believe in scarcity.

John said...


That was superb. Beck isn't that frightening, though. A "rodeo clown" who no one should listen to is how he describes himself. He's seen a market for this kind of nativist rightwing conspiracy theory rhetoric, and he's made a gigantic fortune out of it. Good luck to him. Good luck to televangelists too. It's Beck's huge base that is frightening. Same with Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest of the money-grubbing maniacs who see a rare opportunity in seeing their country collapse. How else could such simple-minded inadequates make such fortunes?

But you missed the chance of linking to this again

There's the neoliberal mantra for you. A crooked system made more and more crooked by the day, with crooks wanting more and more, never satisfied and shouting "MORE MONEY MEAN MORE POWER".