Friday, March 11, 2016

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern — Obama Is ‘Afraid’ Of The CIA And The NSA

In an interview published Monday by acTVism Munich, an independent media outlet, McGovern warned that U.S. intelligence agencies are too powerful to be held accountable, even by President Barack Obama. He explained:
“I will simply say that he is afraid of them. Now I would have never thought that I would hear myself saying that the president of the United States is afraid of the CIA. But he is. He’s afraid of the NSA as well.
Mint Press News
Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern: Obama Is ‘Afraid’ Of The CIA And The NSA


John said...

McGovern is usually a good analyst, but this is total nonsense. It's the liberal's blank slate Obama: a saintly figure who has had to grapple with baddie Republicans and deep state institutions. What silliness! It's another example of Dan's "15 dimensional chess", which McGovern is guilty of. The obvious conclusion, Dan's "Occam's razor" is Obama is exactly what he seems to be: a "centrist", what used to be called a liberal or sane Republican.

The military, CIA, NSA, etc have done what they have because Obama ordered them to. These institutions take their orders from the Oval Office. They don't do anything they're not ordered to do. Never have, never will. I'd like to hear one example of these institutions doing things without being so ordered. Even the much advertised "plausible deniability" is always traced back to the Oval Office.

Obama is merely another "centrist" politician who has had an eight-year term as Caesar of a hegemonic power that is struggling with natural decline and to undo the damage of the Dubya years, nothing more and nothing less.

Tyler Healey said...

"I'd like to hear one example of these institutions doing things without being so ordered."

They assassinated President Kennedy.

John said...

Tyler Healey, I don't know if that was a joke, but I'll bite before anybody else puts it up as an example.

Why would they assassinate Kennedy? The prime example given was that he was going to pull out of Vietnam. Except he wasn't. Even the usually excellent Jamie Galbraith tells this ludicrous story. Look at the record and see what Kennedy did and said. He was an uberhawk, as shown by his deranged behaviour during the missile crisis, goading the Soviets in Germany, his decision to undermine democracy and peace talks and instead start the annihilation of Vietnam. Kennedy did say he wanted to pull out of Vietnam once the war was won. That is the polar opposite of his alleged unilateral pull out, a figment of the Kennedy groupie, just like the warped nonsense coming out of Obama groupies.

It's all very simple, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy, and who knows what would have happened if he hadn't. Undeterred by the failure of his state-backed terrorism during the Bay of Pigs, which then led to near nuclear holocaust during the missile crisis, Kennedy initiated further terrorist attacks and was seriously considering an invasion of Cuba, the deranged bastard. Had Oswald not assassinated Kennedy, we might not be here!