Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leonid Bershidsky — The U.S. System Is Designed to Beat Trump

This is really funny. The author is constantly bashing Russia for "fixed" elections, and now he is proposing a fixed election policy for the US to avoid "the excess of democracy" as mob rule. He even cites the Founding Fathers. So much for US "democracy."

The elite is all for "democracy" when it suits them. When it does not, it is "mob rule" that needs to be overridden procedurally.

Bloomberg View
The U.S. System Is Designed to Beat Trump
Leonid Bershidsky


Here is an argument that China is actually democratic at the grassroots level that acts as a control on the technocratic meritocracy guiding the country from above. Compare the results of China with those of democratic India, where no one ever agrees on anything and corruption is rife.

The Diplomat
‘Chinese Capillary Democracy:’ Can Western Democracies Learn From China?
Franz-Stefan Gady

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Michael Norman said...

Exactly, Tom. The elite are all for "democracy" when it suits them.