Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Propaganda report

The daily wishful thinking, group think, and propaganda sheet, courtesy Johnson's Russia List

NEWSLINK: “Relying Again on an Unreliable Mr. Putin” – New York Times

NEWSLINK: “Mobs in Ukraine Attack Russian Banks in Burst of ‘Office Pogroms'” – New York Times

NEWSLINK: “Pentagon, CIA Chiefs Don’t Think Russia Will Abide by Syria Cease-Fire. Want White House to ready plans to increase pressure on Moscow” – Wall Street Journal

NEWSLINK: “Scant evidence thus far links radical protesters to Kremlin” – Kyiv Post

NEWSLINK: “Russia’s Pernicious Hybrid War Against Ukraine” – Atlantic Council/Andreas Umland

NEWSLINK: “Russia set to lose population, power and influence, report predicts. [Straftor]” – News.com.au (Australia)

NEWSLINK: “Russia takes (yet another) look at its ‘unpredictable past.’


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Tom Hickey said...

Shutting down coal and coal-fired steel production due to restructuring and pollution abatement. The government has budgeted 23 billion US for the transition.

China is also in the process of industrializing agriculture, which will result in urbanization of the rural population.

China is also modernizing its military, which involves paring pack troop strength in favor of better organization and technology.

Obviously this is an enormous undertaking and it won't be completely smooth. Of course, the neoliberal interpretation is that it has failed out of the gate because it is not led by "market forces" rather than central planning. We'll see.

Random said...

Cheers for anti-propaganda.