Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mehreen Khan — Euro depression is 'deliberate' EU choice, says former Bank of England chief

Europe's deep economic malaise is the result of "deliberate" policy choices made by EU elites, according to the former governor of the Bank of England.
Lord Mervyn King continued his scathing assault on Europe's economic and monetary union, having predicted the beleaguered currency zone will need to be dismantled to free its weakest members from unremitting austerity and record levels of unemployment.…
Lord King - who spent a decade fighting the worst financial crisis in history at the Bank of England - has said the weakest eurozone members face little choice but to return to their national currencies as "the only way to plot a route back to economic growth and full employment".…
The former Bank governor has said popular disillusion with EU economic policies are likely to lead to disintegration of the single currency rather than a move towards "completing" monetary union.
The Telegraph
Euro depression is 'deliberate' EU choice, says former Bank of England chief
Mehreen Khan

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Footsoldier said...

Been saying it for months.

MMT have to stop calling these guys stupid.They know exactly what they are doing.

The real question is what is their end game?

Michael Hudson is the only looking at it.