Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shanghai Daily — Internet strategy to boost revenue

Shanghai plans to increase its information services revenue to 600 billion yuan ($92 billion) this year, six times what it generated in 2010, through an Internet Plus strategy that encourages web innovation and investment.
The strategy involves integrating the Internet with a range of sectors, including manufacturing, tourism, entertainment, finance and urban management, a move aimed at improving quality of life for citizens by driving local economic development.
Officials expect Shanghai's strategy to attract new IT-related investment exceeding 10 billion yuan over the next several years.
In the first nine months of 2015, Shanghai's information services revenue reached 449.4 billion yuan, up 18.1 percent year on year, and it will hit 600 billion yuan this year, the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology said yesterday.
The city's leading Internet firms include Ctrip (tourism), (food delivery), Gewara (cinema tickets), (e-commerce), and ChinaPnR (finance).
In the first three quarters of last year, Shanghai's Internet industry revenue jumped 28.5 percent, triple the GDP growth rate, the commission said.
The city's authorities for urban planning, education, finance and commerce will join the commission in supporting the plan for integrating Internet applications and technologies with traditional industries.
The city also plans to provide better infrastructure, including improved broadband and public Wi-Fi hot spots.
Meanwhile, the city yesterday opened a 12,000-square-meter incubation center called ET Space in Minhang District.
Regarding infrastructure, public broadband is today's highway system.

Internet strategy to boost revenue
Shanghai Daily

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