Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Venezuela to shut down for a week

Meh... electricity is way over-rated anyway... looks like no hope for these people unless the US pays $billions in monopoly rent for oil.


Tom Hickey said...

Under the US-centric economy the only way for emerging countries to be able to play the game is on US terms, which means becoming indebted in USDs which the US has weaponized. If financial and economic weapons are insufficient, then the US will mount a domestic opposition and send in the CIA assassins.

Now the US elite is colonizing its own people through debt servitude backed up by a militarized domestic force.

The only bright spot in this dismal scenario reminiscent of the Mafia is that Bernie overwhelmingly won the youth vote, so the demographics are looking encouraging at least. 2020 or 2024 might see a wave election that cleans out out the pig sty.

Neil Wilson said...

The power of fixed exchange rates.

Oil is binning off quite a few atm.

The tenge and the manat are now free floating.

Bob said...

Venezuela's problems are primarily due to it's inept leadership. The Left is clueless economically and financially.