Saturday, March 5, 2016

Zombie Eradication

Here we can read the chronicle of Augustus confronting Caesar-fan-boy-metal-zombies in the second-rate leadership of formerly allied and now become second-rate nations; and confiscating the accrued foreign surplus metal and then depositing it to be used to fashion and issue 'debt-free' currency under human authority via the Roman temple system where it rightfully belonged:

In the temples of all the cities of the province of Asia, as victor, I replaced the ornaments which he with whom I fought the war had possessed privately after he despoiled the temples. Silver statues of me-on foot, on horseback, and standing in a chariot-were erected in about eighty cities, which I myself removed, and from the money I placed goldn offerings in the temple of Apollo under my name and of those who paid the honor of the statues to me.

Those competent for leadership of a nation can't let the second rate nations continue to humiliate themselves by allowing them to become zombies of your own nation.  Think of all the disgraced USD zombie second-rate nations we have out there today that could be straightened out on this.

This reminds me in certain ways of Trump now threatening to do more or less the same thing to all of the second-rate foreign USD fan-boy zombie nations in our world today... though I'm pretty sure Trump does not look at it exactly this way.  Its the same accounting at least.

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