Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Alex Emmons — European Parliament Calls for Investigation of Secret CIA Torture Sites

A non-binding resolution, which passed 329-299, urged member states to “investigate, insuring full transparency, the allegations that there were secret prisons on their territory in which people were held under the CIA programme.” It also called on the European Union to undertake fact-finding missions into countries that were known to house American black sites.
The resolution named Lithuania, Poland, Italy, and the United Kingdom as countries complicit in CIA operations.…
It gets worse for the US.
The Parliament also expressed “regret” that none of the architects of the U.S. torture program faced criminal charges, and that the U.S. has failed to cooperate with European criminal probes.…
Wait, there's more.
While Obama continues to “look forward, not back,” victims of U.S. torture are increasingly looking to international courts for justice.…
Alex Emmons

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