Friday, June 17, 2016

Alexei Lossan — Russia to focus on innovation development, Putin says

The main direction in the development of Russia's economy will be the introduction of innovations, as well as the attraction of foreign partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 17.
The policy will counter the actions of countries that are trying to limit the transfer of technologies, Putin said without specifying which countries.
Limitation of export of technology to Third World and emerging countries was a key strategic factor in promoting imperialism and colonialism and now neo-imperialism and neocolonialism. It's the technological edge that gives the developed world its continuing advantage. This will set off alarm bells in Washington, especially after Russia just delivered an unsettling military surprise.

Russia Beyond the Headlines
Russia to focus on innovation development, Putin says
Alexei Lossan

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Andrew Anderson said...

Good for Russia, a fellow Christian country, we too often forget.

I'd love to see Russia or any other country adopt ethical fiat creation and banking. There's a potential world shaking innovation since it would bring back the middle class.