Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cameron K. Murray — Time to revisit how we calculate expectations?

Is rational expectations theory irrational?

Fresh economic thinking
Time to revisit how we calculate expectations?
Cameron K. Murray


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Flimflam Chicago economics
Lars P. Syll | Professor, Malmo University


Ralph Musgrave said...

This is my favourite one minute lecture on economics: it's about rational expectations, expansionary austerity, and similar nonsense:

MRW said...

Fucking brilliant, Ralph. Thanks.

Bob said...

Mark Blyth. A name to remember :)

Ignacio said...

The whole video (~1h) is worth watching, haven't seen a better recap of liberalism and the current mess ever tbh.

Very good speech.

Ryan Harris said...

Remember last years article on the dearth of article retraction in economics?
So I went over to retraction watch to see which economists have been held up to scrutiny and have been put on the wall of shame. A review this year improves upon last year, but still has me suspicious.

One poli-sci article that I remember from MNE was retracted for getting their statistics wrong and conclusions backward.