Thursday, June 23, 2016

China Steel Tariff Raised to 500%

Now up to 500%.  US ratcheting up the steel tariffs in USDs to protect US steelworkers as USD zombie China reduces USD terms for China steelworkers. Probably moved down to just 2 bowls from a previous 3 bowls daily ration of dog brain soup so the USD tariff rate had to be moved up accordingly. Can they go down to just one bowl now?

Must...have...U...S....dollars....Must.... have....US.....dollars.....

Article indicates China USD zombies freaking out so they could become even more irrational don't put anything past them!  Scary!!!!


Bob said...

Iron deficiency?

Tom Hickey said...

If the US gets in a trade war with China, US prices will increase and the ROW will benefit from low Chinese prices further isolating US exports.

Countries with significant militaries have to maintain to maintain strategic industries like steel but they need to subsidize them as part of the MIIC. The US and UK are never going to be competitive against China in many areas. They should just take steps to fold their strategic industries into the MIIC and put it on the tab.