Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chris Dillow — Beyond meritocracy

It’s time to ditch the idea of meritocracy.…
This is good and it is also an argument for consensus-based rather than hierarchical control systems, especially as conditions become complicated and even complex, resulting in emergence.

This is actually the argument for market-based economies rather than command economies. But in a modern monetary production economy that is open and in which government plays essential roles, laissez-faire is not an option socially and politically and it would not be feasible economically anyway. So tap the wisdom of crowds politically by broadening and deepening participation.

Stumbling and Mumbling
Beyond meritocracy
Chris Dillow | Investors Chronicle


Kaivey said...

Good article, i have often written about the 'Meritocracy' here calling it right wing propaganda. Yes, just because a person is a bit slow does not mean he should be turned into a low waged slave to serve and pamper the rich. Everyone has the right to a good life.

Kaivey said...

I just bought the book as it was affordable on kindle. I got it in a jiffy. I'm going to bed now to read it. I'm quite exited about it, it looks good.

Bob said...

The wealthy love meritocracy until it comes time for heavy inheritance taxes.