Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dilbert Guy on Trump's Hillary-bash Speech

Probably over-stating it:

Link to full transcript at the link in the tweet.


Tom Hickey said...

I am not sure he is overstating it. If the Democratic Party has any sense they will not nominate Hillary Clinton.

But the problem is that the Democrats are in a double-bind that Bill Clinton created by following Dick Morris's advice about triangulation and a lot of other bad advice, such as from Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

If the Dems go with HRC, many of the Sanders people will either sit out the election or defect, some of them to Trump. If the Dems don't go with HRC, then the Clinton people will sit it out or defect. The Dems are in a really, really bad position and it has nothing to do with Trump but rather the divisions in the Democratic Party.

Trump's speech is the speech that Bernie Sanders should have been giving. He has only himself to blame for losing to HRC. He never hit her.

BTW, Trumps speech is essentially a Democratic speech rather than a Republican one. He is triangulating to the left, almost imitating Bill's triangulating to the right. This will have future implications for the GOP, just as Bill's did for the Dems. US politics is in flux with both parties deeply divided.

Nature abhors a vacuum. It will be interesting to see how this plays out of the next decade. In fact, it fits with the analysis of Strauss & Howe and also Ravi Batra that big changes are in store for the US.

The GOP is actually quite different from the Dems, because in building a big tent, they learned to put difference aside in the end to win elections. A lot of GOP voters may hold their noses but they will vote for Trump.

The talk about the meltdown of the GOP is probably exaggerated and the real problems are on the other side of the aisle.

Bob said...

*imagines John Wayne giving that speech*

Ryan Harris said...

I'm impressed, that was a much improved speech compared to the pre-nomination stump speeches. Ronald Reagan-esque. The MSM will hate it, this thing is going to be in the far bottom corner of webpages... it doesn't fit their narrative about Trump being racist, sexist, stupid, man short on ideas and big on bombastic claims.

Dan Lynch said...

@Tom said The talk about the meltdown of the GOP is probably exaggerated and the real problems are on the other side of the aisle.

That's right.

My D-bot friends just don't get it. Every time Trump says something politically incorrect, or gets his facts mixed up, or another Trump scandal emerges, the D-bots say "that clown doesn't have a chance."

The thing is that "liberals" value political correctness, but conservatives don't. Conservatives value strength. Trump 1, Hillary 0.

What if there is another Muslim terrorist attack between now and the election? Trump wants to protect you from Muslim terrorists, while Hillary wants to take your guns away. Trump 1, Hillary 0.

What if there is a recession between now and the election? Trump wants to make America great again, but Hillary represents the status quo. Trump 1, Hillary 0.

Trump may well be full of gas, and his skills of persuasion may not translate into skills of management ... but campaigning is salesmanship. Trump 1, Hillary 0.

Ignacio said...

Who didn't like John Wayne Bob? ;)

The pivot to the left has begun... as was said here... It doesn't matter the man has no credibility, because his opponent has less so.

The only thing we still don't know is what he would actually do if he became president, some of his advisers give the creeps.