Friday, June 3, 2016

George Bush: Money Trumps Peace

This might be a bit old but I have not seen it before. Here George Bush says that sometimes financial considerations trump peace. Now is that the same as saying that being a terrorist, or a bandit, also trumps peace.  In fact, does peace stand for anything if money considerations are a priority. I like to say to the libertarians, who believe that the free market is best for everything, that as war is one of the most profitable enterprises going, then god help  us?  And do financial considerations trump democracy, it seems so, but that is fascism.

I’ve not seen this clip before but imagine if Putin had said this, especially after bombing Georgia, it would have been on every news program over and over again. And what if the Chinese government had said the same thing?

I used to think that Bush was a psychopath,  and he's probably is not far off one, but psychopaths can lie continuously without duress. It looks like Bush here just could not keep up the lying and something gave way.

The Time George Bush Accidentally Told The Truth

This next clip is old too, but I thought it would fit in well here. George Bush is being interviewed about Iraq and he talks about getting Al Qaida, but the journalist tells that there were no Al Qaida in Iraq until the US went in. Then Bush just says, 'so what!' So what! Cenk Uygur lays right into him for that.

Bush On Iraq & Al Qaida - "So What" 

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