Friday, June 3, 2016

Margaret Kimberely — Who’s the Fascist?

The dismal recent history of US politics and government.

Much of the stuff she mentions isn't fascist as much as it is just stupid or crazy.

Who’s the Fascist?
Margaret Kimberely

On the "left," socialism tend toward collectivism politically at the extreme. On the "right," capitalism tends toward fascism politically at the extreme.


Bob said...

Vulgar, authoritarian behavior can be found across the political spectrum.

Kaivey said...

Liberals tend not to be authoritarian but they often do like socialism. In fact, the mixed economy, with some private and some public, is the least authoritarian system and some call this socialism.

But this socialism is not anti capitalist. In fact, with the government running the natural monopolies and essential services, the private sector, the capitalist part, runs better. As an example, health care costs can cause significant bankruptcies in the US but this is rare in Europe because of socialised medicine.

Kaivey said...

When you leave everything to the market it becomes too harsh. That's capitalist fascism.

Bob said...

Libertarians don't like the nanny state. They consider it gives too much power to bureaucrats who then run your life. They value independence, and anything that interferes with an individual's independence is authoritarian.

Rhetorically speaking, of course.