Friday, June 3, 2016

Scott Adams — Now It’s a Fair Fight

It appears that the Clinton campaign has wisely decided to abandon its claim to reason, facts, and other losing strategies, and go “full fear” as their persuasion theme. The idea is that pairing Trump with nuclear war will make him unelectable. 
Clinton’s “thin-skinned” insult for Trump is a solid Linguistic Kill Shot. And it’s the first weapons-grade language I have seen from their camp.
If the Clinton strategist are smart, they will bait Donald Trump. Thus far, the Clinton campaign has been beyond miserable. It's actually been self-defeating.

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Now It’s a Fair Fight
Scott Adams


Salsabob said...

"Unfit" "incoherent" "rant[ing]" - also dabbing on the paint.

The near real-time confirmational-bias of his tweets was rather unique.

Fun stuff.

We'll see if he's the persuasive expert some have decided he is. If not, this could become her shooting a big fish in a small barrel of his own making.

Ryan Harris said...

Bloomberg reports Sanders is going to convention after California votes on Tuesday to contest the convention. He apparently has been working on the super delegates that Clinton has been including in her counts. This could be an interesting election. The pressure on Sanders from the party officials will be enormous.