Sunday, June 19, 2016

Yagnesh Mehta — Proud dad of 472 happily married daughters

On Father's Day, Mahesh Savani, a businessman, receives greetings from his 472 daughters. These women are actually girls who have lost their fathers. Savani has been their father figure and organized their weddings over the past few years.
After the death of his brother, Savani, now 47, had to perform the 'kanyadan' for his two nieces, around 10 years ago. The event left him thinking about the many girls without fathers. He started supporting such girls from 2008, helping them get married and supporting them through their married life. He has been organizing weddings annually since then.
Feel good post. There are caring people out there.

A dowry is still a necessity in many parts of the world where marriages are arranged.

The Times of India
Proud dad of 472 happily married daughters
Yagnesh Mehta | TNN

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Kaivey said...

Good stuff. I also saw this VIDEO where this Arab guy goes and buys sex slave women fro ISIS and then takes them back to their families. When they're united again with their families you see all the tears of joy from the family members and their daughters is very moving.