Friday, April 7, 2017

Alexander Dugin — Third World War: The Beginning?

The pretext which Washington used for the strike was a chemical attack. The fact that Assad did not commit such an attack is obvious, since it would be highly unprofitable for him. Moreover, in the current situation, resorting to chemical weapons would be suicide for Assad. There is a very small chance that this was a tragic accident in which Syrian missiles hit a warehouse with chemical weapons belonging to ISIS, which the terrorists were probably taught how to hide by European inspectors. But such a coincidence, collapsing in an instant the complicated balance of forces on a global scale, is too surprising. Yet it is not difficult for the terrorists and their instructors representing the global World Government (the very same Swamp which Trump promised to drain) to arrange such. And it really is profitable for them. Dragging the US into war against Russia didn’t succeed with Hillary, so they thought: “we will act in other ways - through Trump”. The globalists apparently decided to do so and found a pretext. 
The Swamp drained Trump
The formal decision to attack was taken by Donald Trump. In doing so, he stopped being Trump, and became Hillary disguised as a man, a kind of transvestite. Everything that Trump fought against over the course of the election campaign and which he promised to change - he put his signature underneath all of this today. Therefore, it was not he who took the decision. He simply showed that he is henceforth in no state to decide anything. Under the pressure of media and the Swamp’s politicians, he surrendered his small and devoted followers, those who represented not CFR, not the neocons, and not the Deep State, but “good old America.” This “good old America”, which elected Donald Trump as its president, has once again been left out in the cold, without Trump. What Trump did, by allowing himself to be “convinced” of Assad’s (in other words, Russia’s) involvement in the chemical attack means capitulation....
Alexander Dugin

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