Friday, April 7, 2017

Curtis FJ Doebbler — Why the United States’ Use of Force Against Syria Violates International Law

The United States the use of force against the sovereign state of Syria is a prima facie violation of international law. It is an act of aggression against the UN Member State in violation of the Charter of the United Nations.…
Review of the relevant law follows.

Why the United States’ Use of Force Against Syria Violates International Law
Curtis FJ Doebbler is a visiting professor of international law at the University of Makeni, Webster University (Geneva) and the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations.


Yet Another President Commits the Ultimate War Crime of Launching a War of Aggression
Dave Lindorff

American Empire Will Not Be Stopped by a Blundering Semi-Isolationist President
Lucy Steigerwald, editor at Young Voices Advocates and a contributing editor at
President Trump has attacked Syria without congressional authorization, violating the US Constitution and the War Powers Resolution.
The War Powers Resolution is a series of barriers that Congress erected in the wake of the Vietnam War to defend the constitutionally-mandated role of Congress in deciding when the US will use military force if the US has not been attacked.
The "outer wall" of the War Powers Resolution is Section 2(c), which affirms that if the US has not been attacked, the president must receive congressional authorization in order to use force…. 
Truthout  | Op-Ed
In Attacking Syria, Trump Breached the War Powers Resolution
Robert Naiman, Truthout


Noah Way said...

Perfect opportunity for the Deep State remove Trump, impeaching him for gross violation of international law and abuse of power.

Except that by bombing (missiling?) Syria he is executing the Deep State's program.

Tom Hickey said...

The Establishment, Deep State, etc. will never criticize anyone for acting in its interests. The ruling class is an old boy network with a loyalty code like police departments that will never ever rat out a bad cop no matter how bad. Think Mafia. The kiss of death is reserved for that violate loyalty. So Trump is safe on illegal aggression, torture, etc. If they want to get him, it will be on an inconsequential matter to them like Clinton's affair.