Thursday, April 6, 2017

James W Carden — The Ugly Underbelly of Russia-gate

The dangerous demonization of Russia has spilled over into the creepy behavior of U.S. pundits spinning ugly conspiracy theories when tragedy strikes Russians, writes James W Carden.
Another media attempt to capture the news cycle and control the narrative.

And the narrative is expanding.
And then there is the tireless Clinton shill Peter Daou, second perhaps only to Tanden among unreconstructed Clinton apparatchiks. Daou’s self-appointed mission of late has been to tie Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters to the Kremlin, tweeting claims like, “It is becoming increasingly clear that Bernie’s diehard supporters, those who became avowed Hillary haters, were influenced by #Russia” and “On the one hand, you had Russia hacking the DNC, on the other, Bernie Sanders and his diehards trashing the DNC. And Trump loved it.”
Daou is hardly alone in his effort to anathematize Sanders supporters. But credit for spearheading that effort should probably go to the Internet tabloid The Daily Beast, which has twice published widely discredited and brutally mocked articles which have attempted to portray Bernie Sanders’s supporters as pawns of the Kremlin.
No decency.

Consortium News
The Ugly Underbelly of Russia-gate
James W Carden, contributing writer for The Nation and editor of The American Committee for East-West Accord’s, and formerly an adviser on Russia to the Special Representative for Global Inter-governmental Affairs at the US State Department

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Dave said...

I think part of the rancor lies in the fact that the media elites feel cheated by being forced to endure a Trump Presidency. His very nature unmasks them for the hypocrites they are, because when he was candidate Trump, he was a clown they could use for ratings, but now he has exposed the whole charade as the fraud that it is, and they want revenge.