Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Two of the most objective assessments of use of chemicals in Syria

Presented without comment. Judge for yourself.

Is Trump Going to Commit the Next Great American Catastrophe in Syria?
Vijay Prashad

How Do Media Outlets Know Source Of Chemical Attack Was Syrian Government?
Kevin Gosztola


GLH said...

The best comment I have heard on this so far is why would Assad use chemical weapons on his own people when he doesn't use them on the terrorist? More media fake news.

The Rombach Report said...

Media was so quick to charge Assad with the gas attack, but how do we know Assad is responsible? Why would Assad resort to using gas with all the blowback it would stir up, just when he was gaining the upper hand in the Syrian civil war? This doesn't add up for me.

Noah Way said...

NEO reports that the Syrian Air Froce bombed bombed an al-Nursa weapons depot where poisonous substances were being assembled into weapons.

Well aware of my cognitive bias, I view this report as more reliable than anything I've seen produced by US media. Example: recently the NYT had an article on the potential loss of $2.5b/year in corn sales to Mexico if Trump messed with NAFTA. What they neglected to say was that US corn producers get $5b/yr. in government (taxpayer) subsidies.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Russia confirmed that a depot was bombed that contained poisonous gas being used for weapons. Not sure how that claim can be disproved. Certainly in no way should the USA become involved in the war over this event. Trump would be the king of duplicitous dupes if he falls for it.

Trump is no neocon, in spite of the fact that he is surrounding himself with not a few. It doesn't help that the bureaucratic Deep State is chalk full of neocons in the intelligence community informing him of what they say went down.

Trump really is on thin ice here. Never suspected he'd become a neocon's bitch--at least on something as dubious as this. Hopefully he won't in the end.

Penguin pop said...

When this guy packs his cabinet with anti-Russia ideologues, idiots who are completely antithetical to all his best promises like greater infrastructure spending, and sacks Mike Flynn, you can kinda tell where the direction is going. Actions speak louder than words.

I'm also not buying into any of this "gotta take out Assad" propaganda. That's why I come here first for this kind of info.

Tom Hickey said...

Media was so quick to charge Assad with the gas attack

The news media is no longer about news but rather getting ahead of the news cycle and controlling the narrative.

That's why they hate social media. It's robbing them of control.

Needless to say, TPTB are trying to figure out how to neutralize this.

Salsabob said...

Both the Russians and US have 24/7 extensive radar multi-coverage of the area. The Russian aren't dumb enough to have claimed there was no bombing; they don't have the tracks showing no tracks and they sure as hell know the Americans have the evidence. Instead, they had to come up with the horsepucky story of hitting a rebel store of Sarin - you know, the stuff the rebels have held off using because they winning so big ;-). Problem is the disperal pattern is going to be just as evident as radar tracks - not to Putin/Assad bootlickers of course but to all the real players.

As to why a paranoid ruthless dictator with a current hard-on of he-man wins (Allepo, checking Turkey's Euphrates Shield, Palmyra), ala Kim Jong-un, would do just a thing? Do you really think said dict is happy about the budding romance between not only Putin and Trump but with the Kurds? Messages are being sent.

Bob said...

Assad dreams of a united Syria, but the Russians are not quite sold on the idea.