Sunday, March 4, 2018

Antonio Graceffo — Chinese vs Western wrestling: same impulse, different execution

Different wrestling styles way a lot about different cultures.

Asia Times
Chinese vs Western wrestling: same impulse, different execution
Dr. Antonio Graceffo, economics researcher and university professor in China


Kaivey said...

Interesting, so Chinese wrestling is gentler. The idea is to just get your opponent on the ground to get marks, you don't have to pound them into the ground and beat half a ton of crap out of them.

Tom Hickey said...

In the Chinese internal martial arts, the object is to throw the opponent, which demonstrates the ability to control. Another form of contest involves locks, which also give control. The aim is to show that further resistance is futile without harming the opponent or at least not lethally.

Anecdotes Of Dachengquan Founder Wang Xiangzhai

I am 4th generation in this lineage, meaning my teacher was a student of a student of Wang Xiangzhai.

The basis of training is Standing Pole (Zhan Zhuang), which builds internal power (Chinese chi or qi and Japanese ki). See Qi-Wikipedia

Inner work (neigong, nei kung) and energy work (qigong, chi kung) are foundational to Taoist practice and go back millennia.

Standing Pole is a form of qigong that is simple to do and highly effective. It's also very good for health, and many practice some form of standing (there are several) for this reason alone.

Tom Hickey said...

What this implies as a practical matter is that the Chinese look at military strategy differently from the West.

Similarly, there is no theological doctrine of just war in Orthodox Christianity whereas there is in the Western theological tradition. Hence, Orthodox countries like Russia tend to avoid war if possible by being defense oriented.

But when they engage, both Russians and Chinese are fierce fighters and can absorb a lot of punishment to wear down the opponent. Think Napoleon and Hitler's invasion of Russia, and Mao's Long March. Same for NK. It's also how the Viet Cong beat the militarily superior French and then the US, too.

What we are seeing now is the US pushing aggressively, and Russia, China, and NK ramping up defenses and preparing to fight fiercely if need be. But none of these countries are looking for war.