Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Col. W. Patrick Lang — Looks like Mattis is the grown up in the room

I think that Pompeo's nomination and his eventual confirmation brings the world closer to a US-Russia war. If that happens it will be difficult if not impossible to keep the war from escalating toward the use of nuclear weapons. Israel wants war, a wrecking war with Iran. Israel wants the US to win that war for Israel. IMO Israel would be wrecked in such a war whatever the outcome. This is an August, 1914 moment.
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Looks like Mattis is the grown up in the roomCol. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.)
At the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lang was the Defense Intelligence Officer (DIO) for the Middle East, South Asia and counter-terrorism, and later, the first Director of the Defense Humint Service. At the DIA, he was a member of the Defense Senior Executive Service. He participated in the drafting of National Intelligence Estimates. From 1992 to 1994, all the U.S. military attachés worldwide reported to him. During that period, he also briefed President George H. W. Bush at the White House, as he had during Operation Desert Storm.

He was also the head of intelligence analysis for the Middle East for seven or eight years at that institution. He was the head of all the Middle East and South Asia analysis in DIA for counter-terrorism for seven years. For his service in the DIA, Lang received the Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive. — Wikipedia


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Matt Franko said...

Mattis: “If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

Sounds grown up...

lastgreek said...

I'll say he's grown up, Matt. He's so grown up (old) that he looks like he's going to drop dead at any time. d.

He's an awful man and a clown on top of it. The former is well known, the clown bit is not. I should recount Mattis' clownish/idiotic act. Yes, I should. But, the golden doodle awaits his master (that's me) for his early evening walk. Maybe later if I don't feel too lazy :)

Matt Franko said...

Tillerson didn’t fit in with the MAGA profile...

Noah Way said...

There are no grown ups in the room. Haven't been in decades.