Monday, March 12, 2018

Gordon Rayner - Tories will not return £820,000 in Russia-linked donations, Philip Hammond says

Owen Jones - the so called socialist on the Guardian newspaper who stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back by withdrawing his support and criticising him in line with the Guardian's criticism of Corbyn only to champion him again when Corbyn rose in popularity - is criticising the Tory Party for taking donations from Russian oligarchs. This is what he say's -

 Never mind ‘Corbyn the spy’, our governing party pockets millions from regimes that back extremism – and gets away with it.
Well, there are lots of wealthy Russians living in the UK, many linked to organised crime, but there no evidence that Putin has anything to do with it.  None! But guess what, the Tories don't want to hand the money back so this is what they are saying.

The Conservative Party will not hand back £820,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs and their associates, the Chancellor has said, because it would be wrong to “tar them with Putin’s brush”.

Yep, they've got the money and don't want to give up, so they are not pushing the Russians are bad narrative this time. Politics, folks! 

So, Owen Jones is in on the anti Russia propaganda too, doing exactly what the neoliberals and the military-industrial complex wants, which is hardly left. This is self censorship: and so the West can claim to be free, which it is not. This is how propaganda works in the West, which is much more effective than coercion

Owen Jones - Tory links to Russia and Saudis run deep. So where’s the outrage?

The Telegraph - Tories will not return £820,000 in Russia-linked donations, Philip Hammond says

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