Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jonathon Cook - Monbiot is not only a hypocrite, but a bully too

I read the Guardian for years and I loved the paper. When I was teenager I used to read the Daily Mirror but one day I found a Guardian discarded on a train and when I read it I could't believe what I was reading because I always thought that those big posh broadsheets were Tory papers. Anyway, after that I bought the guardian everyday and it was a badge of honour for me. When George Monbiot turned up I really looked forward to his articles but a colleague at work, the only person interested in politics there, said he was a phoney and didn't like him. I would defend George Monbiot but now I know my friend was right.

I email George Monbiot all the time giving him the real news but he never replies. He can no excuse for not knowing what is going on. I recently sent him the article, South East Asia ''Forgets'' about Western Terror, by Andre Vltchek, and another article on the scorched earth terror bombing of Korea and asked to write about it,  Of course, I knew he wouldn't, because at the moment the West is being portrayed as white, and everyone else as black and these articles would spoil the narrative. So George Monbiot is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. KV

Jonathon Cook

Undermining climate concerns

The many tens of thousands of leftists who defend Monbiot, or turn a blind eye to his hypocrisy, largely do so because of his record on the environment. But in practice they are enabling not only his increasingly overt incitement against critical thinkers, but also undermining the very cause his supporters believe he champions.
Climate breakdown is a global concern. Rewilding, bike-riding, protecting bees and polar bears, and developing new sustainable technologies are all vitally important. But such actions will amount to little if we fail to turn a highly sceptical eye on the activities of a western military-industrial complex ravaging the planet’s poorest regions.
These war industries fill their coffers by using weapons indiscriminately on “enemy” populations, spawning new and fiercer enemies – while often propping them up too – to generate endless wars. The consequences include massive displacements of these populations who then destabilise other regions, spreading the effect and creating new opportunities for the arms manufacturers, homeland security industries, and the financial industries that feed off them.
A true environmentalist has to look as critically at western policies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and many other areas of the globe as he does at UK policy in the Welsh hills and the Lake District.

All indications are that Monbiot lacks the experience, knowledge and skills to unravel the deceptions being perpetrated in the west’s proxy and not-so-proxy wars overseas. That is fair enough. What is not reasonable is that he should use his platforms to smear precisely those who can speak with a degree of authority and independence – and then conspire in denying them a platform to respond. That is the behaviour not only of a hypocrite, but of a bully too.
Jonathon Cook - Monbiot is not only a hypocrite, but a bully too


John said...


The Guardian supplying email addresses for the columnists and editors is just mere show, as if they care what the readers think. You will NEVER get a reply. Emails are probably directed start to the trash can. Don't waste your time. Use an outlet like medialens or use alternative media.

The Guardian is garbage from beginning to end and it is at long last going down the toilet. No matter how much of its lucrative assets it sells, it barely stays afloat. It's readership is dwindling to almost nothing and who in their right mind would wants to advertise with them? They used to get a huge amount of revenue from government advertising jobs, but you can do that for next to nothing and reach a wider audience with social media. The day the Guardian finally dies, I'm going to celebrate and get fantastically drunk!

Outside of a tiny liberal elite types, no one reads it. I pretty much gave up on it being a serious newspaper a long time ago. The crosswords are wonderfully taxing and I do like Gary Younge, Larry Elliott and a few others, but they make up less than 1% of the paper. I read some of it online but I'll be damned if I'll pay for it or donate. When I take the train, I take a book.

The paper is now largely sensationalist. It is made up of far too many young trendy types telling you about what to wear or how they themselves spend their lives. The Saturday version is crammed full of this nonsense.

If George Monbiot isn't an MI5 plant, he's doing a bloody good job of looking that way. If you want the plebs to worry about greening their gardens and ancient hedgerows but divert them from the most pressing dangers, the man for you is George Monbiot.

Kaivey said...

Seumas Milne used to be good. But he had left to work for Corbyn. Although, he was good, I noticed how guarded he had to be. All the good journalists, like Jonathon Cook, got forced out.