Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Moon of Alabama No. Russians Did Not Hack The FCC Comments.

Looks to be the result of ignorance rather than manufacturing fake news. But still bad from the POV of professional journalism.

Moon of Alabama
No. Russians Did Not Hack The FCC Comments.

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This is a different story. It involves ignorance but on the public's part about intelligence in order to sell a lie.
Americans tend to be a trusting lot. When they hear a high level government official, like former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, state that Russia’s Vladimir ordered and monitored a Russian cyber attack on the 2016 Presidential election, those trusting souls believe him. For experienced intelligence professionals, who know how the process of gathering and analyzing intelligence works, they detect a troubling omission in Clapper’s presentation and, upon examining the so-called “Intelligence Community Assessment,” discover that document is a deceptive fraud. It lacks actual evidence that Putin and the Russians did what they are accused of doing. More troubling—and this is inside baseball—is the fact that two critical members of the Intelligence Community—the DIA and State INR—were not asked to coordinate/clear on the assessment.
You should not feel stupid if you do not understand or appreciate the last point. That is something only people who actually have produced a Community Assessment would understand. I need to take you behind the scenes and ensure you understand what is intelligence and how analysts assess and process that intelligence. Once you understand that then you will be able to see the flaws and inadequacies in the report released by Jim Clapper in January 2017....
Sic Semper Tyrannis
The Intel Community Lie About Russian Meddling
Tyler Durden

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