Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moon of Alabama — Theresa May's 'Novichok' Claims Fall Apart

The story May wants to tell has way too much holes to be sustainable. No international support is coming for her. The British opposition leader Corbyn was right today when he demanded that she produces evidence for her claims. A few more pushes and her house of cards will surely come down.
Moon of Alabama
Theresa May's 'Novichok' Claims Fall Apart


Kaivey said...

Do you know, I'm so fed up with the propaganda on TV that I have started posting this stuff on Facebook.

My best friends aren't on FB, but I have some old school friends on who are, but all they're interested in is sport.

My family post on FB, and so do my GF's family and her friends, and are FB friends with me, and I have some hi fi club friends on FB too and all they talk about is hi fi and music.

My GF's friends put out photos of their children, their pets, and cakes that they have baked, and yesterday I put out, WW3 Eminent, by PCR. I've been putting stuff like this out for two weeks now, but not one comment, or one like, nothing, not even any criticism. They probably look at it and think, what's this boring stuff, and move on.

No one cares, no one listens.

GLH said...

I like you Kaivey.